Request a Transcript

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  1. To order a transcript from a court reporter, please contact the individual by email at the address listed below. If you do not know the name of the court reporter, please consult CM/ECF and/or Pacer and review the docket entries to determine the court reporter.
  2. All pertinent information must be included in the transcript order, such as case name, case number, date of the hearing, name of the judge, and the type of hearing. Please indicate the requested delivery time, i.e., next day, 7-day, 14-day, or 30-day. Transcript rates can be found by clicking on the Maximum Transcript Rates link. A deposit may be required before any order is accepted and started.
  3. Court reporters who are no longer employed at the U.S. District Court are still responsible for producing requested transcripts. You may reach them by e-mail to order the transcript. Should you have any difficulty reaching a reporter or the reporter is not listed, please contact the Supervisor’s Office at 202-354-3044 to obtain additional information.
Scott Wallace (Supervisor) 202-354-3196 Room 6503
Barbara De Vico 202-354-3118 Room 6509
Janice Dickman 202-354-3267 Room 6523
Lisa Foradori 202-354-3269 Room 6706
Chantal Geneus 202-354-3244 Room 6714
Lisa Griffith 202-354-3247 Room 6507
Cathryn Jones 202-354-3246 Room 6521
Annette Montalvo 202-354-3111 Room 6722
Lisa Moreira 202-354-3187 Room 6718
Crystal Pilgrim 202-354-3127 Room 4700-F
William Zaremba 202-354-3249 Room 6511
Previously Employed Reporters
Vicki Eastvold
Patty Artrip Gels
Kellie Humiston
Patricia Kaneshiro-Miller
Catalina Kerr
Wendy Ricard
Annie Shaw
Lisa Schwam
Theresa Sorensen
Rebecca Stonestreet
Susan Tyner
Bryan Wayne