Internship Program

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The Clerk’s Office of the United States District and Bankruptcy Courts for the District of Columbia is currently offering unpaid internships during the Fall, Spring and Summer terms. The internship program, which began in 2011, has existed to give college-level students the opportunity to gain empirical federal experience as well as develop the personal and professional skills of its students. Although this internship is unpaid, it offers students invaluable hands-on experience working in a courthouse setting, attending trials and networking with courthouse personnel and officials. The summer term offers professional development seminars; meet and greet sessions with judges, law enforcement officers, and other legal representatives; and the opportunity to collaborate with other interns on a presentation to the Clerk’s Office staff and other special guests. Overall, the internship provides a friendly, work environment that fosters personal and professional growth in its participants. All of these intern positions are located in the Clerk’s Office and will report to various department managers within the court unit.

Students are able to intern in the following departments:


Fall InternshipApplication Submission Deadline: August 4, 2014.
Internship Time Frame: September 15, 2014 – December 12, 2014

Spring InternshipApplication Submission Deadline: January 19, 2015.
Internship Time Frame: February 16, 2015 – May 1, 2015

Summer InternshipApplication Submission Deadline: May 18, 2015.
Internship Time Frame: June 8, 2015 – August 3, 2015