What is Electronic Case Filing

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The electronic case filing system allows users to file new cases or other pleadings right from their office. No more extra copies or courier fees - file from your desktop to the court in minutes.

The system uses standard computer hardware, an Internet connection and browser, and the appropriate software to create a document for filing. You log-on through the Court’s website, enter the information needed to identify yourself, attach the pleading when prompted, and receive an electronic notice of filing. All of this in less time than it previously took for you to make copies and send them to the courthouse.

The Clerk's Office provides documentation and online training. Additionally, help desk support is available.

Benefits of ECF
  • 24 hour availability
  • Remote viewing of files and documents via an Internet connection
  • Local document printing - no more copy requests or delays
  • Improved noticing to parties - reduces returned mail for bad addresses
  • Concurrent and immediate access to the case file
  • Ability to generate public reports
For more information, contact:
ECF Help Line 202.354.3190