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Electronic Case Filing & Court Records

The Case Management/Electronic Case Filing system, also known as ECF, allows registered users to open new civil cases, and file civil, criminal, and miscellaneous pleadings (including some sealed documents) electronically right from their office.

In order to file documents in ECF, attorneys must be admitted to practice before the Court and must be registered to file electronically. To register to file electronically, you must register via PACER

PACER provides access to cases filed in all federal courts, including appellate, district, and bankruptcy courts.

Before filing documents in ECF, users should review our ECF Forms, Instructions and Other Information page, as well as Privacy and Public Access Notices, the Civil Case Opening Manual, and the E-Filing Sealed Documents in Non-Sealed Cases instructions. 

For more information, contact the following:

PACER: (800) 676-6856
Intake/New Case Desk: (202) 354-3120 
Civil: (202) 354-3190
Criminal: (202) 354-3060
Attorney Admissions: (202) 354-3110