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Pro Bono Information

  1. Go to
  2. Click on My Account & Billing then click on Manage My Account Login.
  3. Click on Log in to Manage My Account.
  4. Enter your new/upgraded PACER login and password.
  5. Select the Maintenance tab and select Attorney Admissions/E-File Registration
  6. Select U.S. District Courts as the Court Type from the drop-down list.
  7. Select District of Columbia District Court as the Court from the drop-down list then click Next.
  8. On the What would you like to apply/register for? screen:
    • Pro Bono attorneys practicing pursuant to LCvR 83.2(g) select E-File Registration Only.
  9. Review the Filer Information section and make changes, if needed.
  10. In the Additional Filer Information section:
    • Pro Bono attorneys MUST enter 'pro bono' in the Other Names Used field.
  11. Complete the Delivery Method and Formatting section and click Next.  Note: This is used for electronic notification in cases in which you are involved.  Complete this section even if you will not be actively practicing in federal court.  Email address information comes from your existing PACER information.  Check the box to use a different email if desired.  Email Frequency and Email Format are required and are also used for electronic notice in cases in which you are involved. In the Email Frequency drop-down list, select Once Per Day for a daily summary notification or At The Time of Filing for individual notice. In the Email Format drop-down list, select HTML unless you are having difficulty with your emails.
  12. Set default Payment Information if desired (not required).  Click Next when finished or to bypass this screen.  You can add a credit card or ACH payment method or designate your existing card as the default method for each of the following fee types: Autobill PACER feesE-filing fees default, and Admissions fees default.
  13. Check the two boxes for the E-Filing Terms of Use.
  14. Click Submit.  The Court will review your e-filing request for eligibility.  You may be contacted for further information or to correct deficiencies, if any exist.  If your eligibility is confirmed, your account will be activated, and you will be able to file.