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Attorney Renewal and Government Certification

Attorney Renewal

Instructions: Please use this online application form to renew your bar membership or government certification.

  1. Pre-fill the form by entering last name, last 4 digits of SSN, and your renewal code, then click on the “Get Info for” button. The form will populate your existing profile.
  2. Make changes as needed, check applicable certification clauses, and include any information, if applicable, on which you have been convicted of a crime, censured, suspended, disciplined or disbarred by any Court since you last renewed. 
  3. Click on the Send button to submit. Your renewal form will be emailed to the court.
  4. Save a .PDF copy of your renewal form as displayed on this verification screen for your records.
  5. In order for your contact information to be accurately maintained in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia you must have a NextGEN CM/ECF e-filing account.  If you DO NOT have e-filing access via NextGEN CM/ECF, you will need to register for e-filing by using the instructions on the court’s website found here:
  6. If your contact information has changed, please proceed to log into your NextGEN CM/ECF account at  
  7. Click on Maintenance- Update Personal Information to update your name, prefix, and suffix.
  8. Click on Maintenance- Update Address Information to update your firm name, address, and phone numbers.
  9. Click on Maintenance- Update E-Filer Email Noticing and Frequency to update your email address.
  10. If you are an attorney wishing to maintain an Active bar status, please proceed to electronically file your renewal form and pay the renewal fee by using the instructions here:
  11. If you are a state/federal government attorney wishing to maintain Government bar status, your renewal fees are waived and no further action is needed.

Click here to fill your renewal form and Submit

Government Certification

Instructions: Please use this online application form to submit your government certification.

If you are renewing your government certification, please use the renewal instructions above.

If you are certifying as a government attorney for the first time, please use the instructions below.

  1. Manually complete the government certification form. DO NOT click send.
  2. Save a .PDF copy of your form as displayed on the screen for your records.
  3. E-mail the form to
  4. Register for e-filing via PACER by using the instructions on the court’s website found here:

Click here to fill your government certification form