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CJA eVoucher

CJA eVoucher is the Electronic Voucher Management System for use by court-appointed counsel.  The system allows for electronic submission, review, approval, and payment of CJA vouchers.  The U.S. District Court for D.C. began using eVoucher effective July 5, 2016.  
To get started with eVoucher please follow these steps:
  1. Ensure that you have a login/password if you do not already.  To obtain this information, please contact the Federal Public Defender’s Office at 202-208-7500.
  2. Please review the documentation and tutorials we have provided.  You may be familiar with eVoucher in other jurisdictions; however, each jurisdiction has their own set of practices, so it is still recommended that you review the materials.  
eVoucher Support
For assistance using eVoucher, please email or you may contact any member of the eVoucher team by phone:
Marie Bragg, Federal Public Defender’s Office, 202-208-7500
Darius Grier, Federal Public Defender’s Office, 202-208-7500
Tiffany Gough, Clerk’s Office, 202-354-3064
Kristy Padilla, Clerk’s Office, 202-354-3182
Renee Jackson, Clerk's Office, 202-354-3149

Training Resources