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E. Barrett Prettyman Courtrooms (1-21)

  • All of the courtrooms in the Prettyman building are equipped with a complete AV system, including a video presentation system for the display of exhibits. Each courtroom presentation system contains the following technology:
    • Document camera (Wolfvision visual presenter – aka Elmo.)
    • Blu-ray/DVD player. Note: If the disc you’re using requires a program such as RealPlayer, VLC, etc., you will need to use your laptop to play it. If your disc will play on a standard Blu-ray player, it will play in the courtroom.
    • Laptop connectivity (using HDMI or VGA) at lectern, witness box, and each counsel table. NOTE: If your laptop does not have either an HDMI or a VGA port, you will need to provide the necessary adapter that will connect your device to the courtroom system. The Court does not have such adapters.
    • Annotation capability from lectern and witness monitor (aka John Madden pen.)
    • 22" LED monitors for Judge, witness, lectern, law clerk, and counsel tables.
    • 22" LED monitors installed within the Jury Box, with one monitor placed between every two jurors.
    • 46” or 50” LED monitor on side wall or mobile stand for viewing exhibits from the gallery.
  • In addition, courtrooms 3, 5, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, and 16 have videoconference (VTC) systems. None of the remaining Prettyman courtrooms have VTC capability. To request the use of videoconference technology, additional information is required by the Court. Please complete the Videoconference Request Form and e-mail it to John Cramer (address below.)
  • Courtroom 20 (Ceremonial Courtroom) can be configured with a variety of monitors strategically located around the courtroom.

If you anticipate using any of the technology referenced above in any courtroom, please call John Cramer at 202-354-3019 or e-mail him at to discuss your technology needs and to schedule a time to test your laptop connection in the courtroom.