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E. Barrett Prettyman Courtrooms (1-21)

  • Courtrooms 5, 9 and 16 in the Prettyman building are dedicated Electronic Courtrooms and always have evidence presentation technology. Please see the Electronic Courtroom page in this web-site, which details what technology can be found in these courtrooms.
  • In addition, courtrooms 5 and 16 have videoconference capabilities. To request the use of videoconference technology, additional information is required by the Court. Please complete the Videoconference Request Form (PDF) and e-mail it to John Cramer.
  • Courtroom 20 (Ceremonial Courtroom) can be configured as an electronic courtroom if requested. The same technology available in the courtrooms listed above is also available for courtroom 20, with the exception of videoconferencing.
  • The remainder of the courtrooms in the Prettyman building are all wired to work with one of the Court’s Mobile Evidence Presentation Systems (MEPS.) The Court has several of these MEPS, which can be moved to different courtrooms as needed. These MEPS contain the following technology:
    • Document camera (ELMO.)
    • DVD/VCR combo player.
    • PC connectivity at lectern. The Court will provide a standard 6' VGA cable. Counsel should bring their own 10' or longer VGA extension cable if they wish to present evidence from their laptop at counsel table. Counsel should also bring a 10'-15' audio cable if their presentation contains audio. The audio cable should have a mini plug at both ends.
    • 15" monitors for Judge, witness, lectern, and counsel tables.
    • 42" plasma monitors for Jury, with one monitor placed at either end of the jury box.

    As noted above, these MEPS are often moved between courtrooms, so please do not assume the equipment will be in a courtroom. Call John Cramer at 202-354-3019 or e-mail him at to determine if the courtroom in question is adequately equipped for your hearing or trial.