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Interpreting Services


By mandate of the Judicial Conference, the Court will make reasonable accommodations to meet the needs of deaf or hard of hearing individuals who have matters before the Court. Arrangements may involve sign language interpreting, Communication Access Real-time Translation (CART), or the use of listening assistive equipment.

  • Sign Language Interpretation: Sign Language interpretation services may be provided for parties who have either civil or criminal matters before the Court. Arrangements should be made with a minimum of four weeks' notice.
  • Communication Access Real-time Translation (CART): CART delivers near real-time transcription of spoken conversations into text captions. This service is provided for individuals not fluent/comfortable using sign language, but who read English with ease.
  • Listening Assistive Equipment: Courtrooms now have a listening assistive channel as part of the courtroom sound system. Hard of hearing individuals appearing before the Court or serving on a jury who wish to use the listening assistive equipment need only make their needs known to appropriate court personnel, and headsets will be provided that allow them to control the volume of everything spoken over the sound system.


By law, every non-English speaking defendant facing criminal charges in a federal court is entitled to interpretation services. There is a Spanish interpreter on staff at the courthouse at all times, and services in other languages are provided by contract interpreters.

Interpreting services requests should be made two weeks prior to the matter coming before the Court. Questions related to interpreting services for spoken or sign languages should be directed to Karima Azzouz, Director of Interpreting Services/Staff Interpreter for Spanish, Room 1724, telephone (202) 354-3016.


Las preguntas sobre los servicios de interpretación que ofrece el Tribunal deben dirigirse a Karima Azzouz, Directora de Servicios de Interpretación/Intérprete de Planta, en la oficina 1724. También puede llamar al (202) 354-3016.

Federal Court Interpreters Act

Standards for Performance and Professional Responsibility for Contract Court Interpreters

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