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Mobile Courtroom Technology

Mobile Evidence Presentation Systems (MEPS)
The United States District Court for the District of Columbia has a variety of Mobile Evidence Presentation Systems (MEPS) that can be used in most courtrooms within the Prettyman Courthouse. The systems offer the following features:
  • Document Camera (a.k.a. ELMO.)
  • Video monitors for the judge, jury, witness, counsel, and courtroom clerk.
  • DVD/VHS combo player.
  • PC connectivity (The Court will provide a standard 6' VGA cable. Counsel should bring their own 10' or longer VGA extension cable if they wish to present evidence from their laptop at counsel table. Counsel should also bring a 10'-15' audio cable if their presentation contains audio. The cable should have a mini plug at both ends.)
  • Annotation capability at lectern monitor.

As previously noted, these MEPS are frequently moved between courtrooms, so please do not assume the equipment will be in a courtroom.Call John Cramer at 202-354-3019 or e-mail him at to determine if the courtroom in question is adequately equipped for your hearing or trial.

For more information, contact:

John Cramer, Courtroom Technology Administrator: 202.354.3019
OIT Help Desk: 202.354.3210