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William B. Bryant Annex Courtrooms (Courtrooms 22 - 30)

  • All of the courtrooms in the Bryant Annex have the infrastructure required for evidence presentation. There are PC connection plates at each counsel table, the lectern, and the witness box. All of courtrooms also contain a digital document camera (Elmo) and a Blu-ray player at the lectern. A Pointmaker annotation system for lectern and witness monitors is available in each of the Annex courtrooms. Each courtroom is equipped with monitors for judge, jury, witness, counsel and public.
  • All of the Annex courtrooms have a large projection screen that can be used along with a projector to supplement the court-provided monitors. Courtrooms 23 and 24 are equipped with projectors (in addition to monitors) which can be used to display exhibits, but there are no court-provided projectors in any of the other courtrooms. If counsel wish to bring their own projector to supplement the display of exhibits, they should first obtain permission from the presiding judge. The integration of said projector into the courtroom presentation system must be coordinated with John Cramer of the IT staff.
  • Courtrooms 24, 27, and 28 have videoconferencing (VTC) capabilities. To request the use of videoconference technology, additional information is required by the Court. Please complete the Videoconference Request Form and e-mail it to John Cramer. Advance notice is required for this service, and the time limits are stated in the Court’s VTC Policy.
  • All Annex courtrooms contain the following equipment:
    • Digital document camera (Elmo P100HD model.)
    • Blu-ray player
    • Laptop connectivity - these Annex courtrooms can accommodate either an HDMI feed or a VGA feed from the user’s laptop. (NOTE: If you plan on using either a MacBook, an iPad, or a device that is not equipped with either a HDMI or a VGA output, you will need to bring your own adapter in order to connect to the presentation system.)
    • 19" monitors for Judge, witness, lectern, and counsel tables
    • 19" monitors installed within the jury box, with one monitor being shared between every two jurors
    • 55" LED monitor on courtroom wall for the gallery and those seated in the well of the courtroom

Counsel are encouraged to call John Cramer at 202-354-3019 or e-mail him at at least one week prior to their court appearance to schedule a courtroom technology orientation and to test laptop connection with the courtroom system.