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Electronic Courtrooms

The United States District Court for the District of Columbia offers evidence presentation systems to attorneys in most courtrooms. Some of these systems are of the Mobile variety and may not be in a courtroom at any given time. Information on what types of equipment is available in the Mobile Systems can be found on the Mobile Courtroom Technology information sheet located within this web-site.

Three courtrooms (5, 9, 16) in the E. Barrett Prettyman Courthouse are designated high tech courtrooms, and as such, always contain the technology listed below, with exceptions noted:

  • Document camera (a.k.a. ELMO)
  • Laptop connectivity (w/audio) at each counsel table, lectern, and witness box.
  • Touch screen display monitors at lectern and witness box to enable annotation on exhibits that appear on the display monitors, regardless of the source.
  • Display monitors for the judge, witness, counsel, courtroom clerk, and the public.
  • Display monitors installed within the jury box, with one monitor being shared between every two jurors.
  • DVD/VHS combo player.
  • Courtrooms 5 and 16 only: Videoconference system to allow remote testimony. See Videoconferencing Technology section found in this web-site for details on use of this technology.

Counsel are encouraged to contact the Courtroom Technology Administrator no fewer than five days ahead of time to confirm the type of technology needed is indeed in the courtroom in which they will be appearing. If deemed necessary, an orientation session will be scheduled in the courtroom, at which time counsel will test their laptop connects into the courtroom system.

For more information, contact:

John Cramer, Courtroom Technology Administrator: 202.354.3019
OIT Help Desk: 202.354.3210