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Judge Amy Berman Jackson's Court Webpage

Clerkship Information

  • Judge Jackson employs two law clerks, each serving a two-year term. Information about clerkship vacancies may be found on OSCAR, and all applications should be submitted through OSCAR
  • Judge Jackson also employs a career law clerk. Prior judicial clerkship or internship experience is greatly preferred, and some prior legal work is required. Interested applicants should submit applications through OSCAR.

Judicial Internships

  • Judge Jackson hires interns for the fall, spring, and summer terms. Interns research substantive and procedural legal issues and draft written recommendations for resolving those issues. They are also responsible for detailed editing and citation checking. Additionally, interns have regular opportunities to observe court proceedings.
  • This unpaid internship is open to all law students. Interns are required to work part-time (15–20 hours per week) during academic semesters and full-time during the summer (40 hours per week).
  • Judge Jackson provides law school career and placement offices with information on semester and summer internship opportunities, including specific instructions on how to apply, and where applications are to be submitted.  Law students are encouraged to contact their law school placement offices to obtain this information, and they should not attempt to contact chambers directly.