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  1. To order a transcript, please complete the requested information below in its entirety. You may select the appropriate court reporter from the drop down menu below. If you do not know the name of the court reporter, please consult CM-ECF or Pacer and review the docket entries to determine the correct court reporter.
  2. Transcript rates can be found by clicking on the Maximum Transcript Rates Link. All transcript rates are per page.
  3. After receiving your completed request form, the assigned court reporter will confirm all transcript requests by return e-mail within two business days. For urgent requests (hourly or daily) or if you have not received confirmation of your transcript request within two business days, you may also call the court reporter directly or contact the main office at 202-354-3044.
  4. Former court reporters who are no longer employed at the U.S. District Court are still responsible for producing requested transcripts. Transcript requests for former reporters will be forwarded to the appropriate reporter and will be monitored by the court reporting department supervisor. Please select "Former Court Reporter" from the drop down menu and add the name of the court reporter in the box labeled Additional Instructions. Additional questions or concerns may be directed to the main office at 202-354-3044.

CJA Panel Attorneys: PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS FORM TO ORDER TRANSCRIPTS. Transcript requests for CJA cases must be ordered using the AUTH 24 voucher process in eVoucher. Please Click here to access the CJA eVoucher program. Once the transcript has been approved by a judge, a court staff member will create the CJA 24 voucher, which will act as notification to the appropriate court reporter. If you have any questions about the AUTH 24 or CJA 24 voucher processes, please contact the eVoucher team for assistance.

If the answer to any of the above questions is yes or you are requesting on behalf of another agency that uses a request form, these forms must be received by the court reporter prior to the start of any transcript production.

For FPD Use Only

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To be filled by FPD only.
All delivery requests must be pre-approved by the assigned court reporter. You may also contact the reporter to discuss delivery options. A deposit maybe required before any order is accepted and started.
Select all that apply to this order.
Delivery time begins on the date the order is confirmed by the official reporter or transcriber. By clicking submit below, you are agreeing to pay for the produced transcript(s) at the rates set by the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts. Please indicate in the Additional Instructions box below if you would like to receive an estimate prior to the start of the transcript production.
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